The Entry Requirements for the Programme in KISM

The entry point for all entrants is the Programme in KISM (NQF level 8). Satisfactory completion of the Programme in KISM is the entry requirement for the Programme in IKM (NQF level 9). The entry requirements for the Programme in KISM are the following:

  1. Your minimum academic qualification is at NQF level 7 or the equivalent outside SA. In other words, you have to hold a Bachelors degree from a SA university, or a Bachelors degree from a non-SA university that is recognised by the SA National Qualifications Authority.
  2. Your CV shows that you have at least 4 years full time employment experience. The KISM is not for people who start out on their career path, it requires work experience.
  3. You are in an employment context that is conducive to learning. Many of the assignments require the application of theories to your actual work context.
  4. Your academic profile shows postgraduate potential. As a general norm we require at least a 60% average in your previous degree studies. Your study record should demonstrate that you have a reasonable chance of success at postgraduate level.

What if you do not hold a NQF 7 level qualification, but do hold a higher NQF level qualification (or the equivalent from a non-SA institution)? If you hold a qualification at NQF levels 8, 9 or 10 (or equivalent from a non-SA institution), you are eligible, provided the Director of the KISM performs a screening with a positive outcome.